Ms. Eaton is the Grade 4/5 SEBS teacher at William N. DeBerry Elementary School. She teaches all subjects to my students except for specials. She has been in the Springfield school district for over thirteen years. Ms. Eaton received her undergraduate and graduate degree from Cambridge College. 


Ms. Kellie Ciavola is currently working as a SEBS teacher at William DeBerry Elementary school, supporting students in the SEBS program in a trauma sensitive environment.  

Ms. Kellie Ciavola was born in Springfield mass and lived with her mother, father, and her brother while growing up.   After high school Ms. Ciavola attended STCC and earned her associated degree in early childhood education.  She worked as a preschool teacher for twenty years while continuing her education taking college courses earning her master's degree at Bay Path University in Special Education.  Ms. Ciavola has been teaching here at DeBerry for the past 5.  During her free time, Ms. Ciavola enjoys spending time with her niece and nephew.  She enjoys hiking, reading and making jewelry.

Ms. Ciavola is proud to be a teacher at William DeBerry and she is excited to meet her new students and offer them the support they need to succeed through the new school year.  Ms. Ciavola prefers to be called by her first name (Ms. Kellie) 


My name is Yvonne Charvis, I am a teacher for Springfield Public Schools. I currently teach at William N. DeBerry Elementary school. I taught from pre-K to 12. Subjects I teach are English, social studies, math and science. I am a licensed teacher. I have a master's degree in special education and I currently live in the community.

I am an African American, West African descendent from two countries Benin, the language is Edo and Togo the language is Ewe.  I am a participate of Habitat for Humanity of Greater Springfield. I love World History, and U.S history. I like music of all genre.


Mrs. Proakis is currently working  as a paraprofessional at William DeBerry Elementary, supporting students in the SEBS program in a trauma sensitive environment.

Mrs.Proakis worked as a preschool teacher for fifteen years before achieving her Bachelors degree at Bay Path University, and moving on to the Springfield public schools.

Mrs.Proakis was born in Colombia and is fluent in Spanish and English. Prior to moving to Massachusetts, she resided in Miami where she taught preschool at Miami Lakes Christian Academy. She has two adult children, Jack and Elizabeth, and lives with her husband, Dean and her Jack Russel terrier, Mimi. During her free time, Mrs.Proakis enjoys hiking, riding her bike, going to the beach, reading and scrapbooking. 

Mrs.Proakis is excited to meet her new students and offer them the support they need to succeed through the new school year.


Ms. Brooklyn works for SEBS as a Paraprofessional, specifically third grade this school year, but she has worked with multiple grade levels. Working in SEBS, she spends a lot of time working closely with students academically, but also helping them understand their feelings.  This includes teaching them mechanisms on how to handle and cope with certain feelings and situations. Also, the students learn how their feelings and behaviors can impact their environment. 

Ms. Brooklyn grew up in Chicopee, she attended school there and then went off to college at Holyoke Community College. She got her associate degree in Human Services. Ms. Brooklyn is the oldest child of three, she spent a lot of time with her siblings growing up. In her free time, she loves spending time with her family and close friends.

Ms. Brooklyn's favorite hobby is reading, she has always loved to read. During her childhood, she spent most of her time at The Boys and Girls Club of Chicopee, it was there that she discovered that she loves working with kids. She spent a lot of time helping as a volunteer and she also worked there.

Ms. Brooklyn loves what she does and loves to make learning fun as well as comfortable. She is proud to be a part of the DeBerry team and can’t wait to interact with her students and their families. 


Miss Eddington is the Grade 4/5 instructional paraprofessional for SEBS. She likes to read, braid hair, and take long walks in her free time. She is also very into learning about how the human body works. Miss Eddington has a passion for helping people and she loves children! Miss Eddington received an Associates degree from STCC and is currently working on her Bachelors.