2nd Grade


I’ve taught for 33 years, 20 of them in 2nd grade. I love school and look forward to getting back in the classroom.

My husband and I have been married for 24 years. We have 3 daughters…22, 20 and 18. During the summer, I spent most of my days playing tennis and going for long walks.

I look forward to hearing all about you and your family.


Mrs. Rosa is currently a Grade 2 teacher. She has been working at DeBerry for 33 years. Before that, Mrs. Rosa taught in Puerto Rico for 2 years. Mrs. Rosa has 2 daughters and 1 grandson. In her free time, Mrs. Rosa loves spending time with her family. She loves to play bingo, cook, dance, and go to the beach.

Mrs. Rosa looks forward to working with you and your family and getting back into the classroom.


Ms. Judith Torres, best known at her work place, William N. DeBerry Elementary School as Ms. J. Torres, has been working in the same school since 1989. This means she has been in the same work place for the last thirty-one  years.  J. Torres loves this place, that is part of her home as well.

As years gone by Ms. J. Torres has met four Administrators and many Teachers. Besides all the  staff in the school that has been and presently are a joy to work with are the students in all grade levels that she had worked with and now will continue to work with second grade.

J. Torres loves her job because every day is a learning experience when she sees when students, can be challenge day by day and they become successful knowing they have the support of their teachers and to her that is very rewarding.

J. Torres was born in Tacoma, Washington.  She  lived in Alaska, Kansas City, California, New York and presently Massachusetts. She was raise though in Puerto Rico. She went to school there and went to Catholic University of Ponce, Puerto Rico. She wanted to be a nurse but here she is as a Paraprofessional.   

J. Torres has two daughters.  J. Torres has a passion for books, music and she loves to travel and spent time with her family. 

Ms. J. Torres is a proud Paraprofessional that has been and will continue to be an educational worker. She will keep performing many duties with students like instructional support, working in support of the teachers as well and also supporting in any needs students and their families.  She has a favorite quote that she will share with All Students because she Believes In Them…

” Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”- Nelson Mandela


Mrs. Lescano is currently teaching English to students of other languages, also known as ESOL or ESL (English as a Second Language). Mrs. Lescano is fully bilingual, speaking English and Spanish fluently. Mrs. Lescano grew up in Puerto Rico and went through school and college. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Education with a major in Fine Arts. She also got a Master’s Degree in Counseling. 

At the beginning of her teaching career Mrs. Lescano was a teacher in Puerto Rico too. Mrs. Lescano moved to Springfield 20 years ago and started working at Freedman School for 12 years. She went back to college to get her Master’s Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA, otherwise known as UMASS. After 12 years, she moved to DeBerry and has been teaching at DeBerry for 7 years. She also completed a Master’s Degree in English as a Second Language. 

In her spare time, Mrs. Lescano loves to read, draw, paint, cook, and most important, she loves to sew. She loves teaching students that come to the country and need to learn and practice new English language skills. Mrs. Lescano believes that all students can and will succeed when we put all our efforts to it! 


Mrs. Andrea Collins has been teaching First Grade at DeBerry School for the past 22 years.  She  is currently a Reading Interventionist Teacher who will also be working with Second Grade students in this upcoming year.  Mrs. Collins was born and attended schools in Bristol, CT. She has been a Springfield resident for 40+ years.  Her 3 children all graduated from Springfield Public Schools and her 3 oldest grandchildren are currently enrolled in Springfield Schools.  

Mrs. Collins graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Child Study from St. Joseph College in West Hartford, CT. and a Masters Degree in Reading from American International College in Springfield.  Prior to becoming a teacher, she had a career in Banking and held a Vice President position in the Retail Banking division of a regional bank.  When she’s not working, Mrs. Collins loves to spend time with her family and friends at her beach home on Long Island Sound in Connecticut.

Mrs. Collins strongly believes that when teachers, parents, and students persevere and work together as a team, all students can and will succeed. 


Ms. Domaingue is the Kindergarten through Second Grade Special Education teacher. She has worked for Springfield Public Schools at William N. DeBerry for over 12 years. Before teaching Special Education, she was one of DeBerry’s Kindergarten teachers.

Ms. Domaingue lives with her two daughters, and their Boston Terrier. Her oldest is a senior in high school, hoping to major in nursing when she attends college next fall. Her youngest is excited to start her first year of high school this year. Ms. Domaingue enjoys relaxing and spending time with her family. She loves watching her daughters cheer for their hometown teams and coaches the youth cheering squad. Some of Ms. Domaingue’s favorite things to do in her free time are yoga, walking, exercising, baking, camping and spending time at the beach. When Ms. Domaingue was in elementary school through high school, she loved to figure skate and skated for Little Sun Valley Skating Club.

Ms. Domaingue received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Westfield State University. She went on to attend Our Lady of Elms College in Chicopee, where she was awarded her Master of Arts in Teaching in Early Child Education with and without Special Needs. Currently, Ms. Domaingue is pursuing a Specialist in Education degree in Reading and Literacy Instruction from Bay Path University.